Syota Sendo
Syota from King of Fighters: Kyo
Nome InteiroSyota Sendo
Local de NascimentoJapan
Familia/RelacionadosJunko Sendo (sister), Kyoji Sendo (brother), Keisuke Sendo (brother)

Syota Sendo (千堂 翔太, Sendo Shiyota) is a character from The King of Fighters series. Syota appears in The King of Fighters: Kyo, along with his siblings, Junko and Kyoji calling themselves "Sendo Brothers". He is voiced by Taison Ohya.


The "Sendo Brothers" approach and battle Kyo Kusanagi several times to try and steal his invitation for the next King of Fighters Tournament. It is revealed that they wanted their little brother, Keisuke, to see them fight in the tournament. They lost every battle with Kyo and never got the invitation.

Syota appears later in the KOF Zillion manga,this time ,he tries to steal Mai Shiranui ´s invitation,however,Mai hardly defeats him,after this,Syota is not seen anymore.

Fighting StyleEditar

He relies on his brute strength and fights in a similar manner as Yashiro.


  • The Three Siblings - King of Fighters Kyo
  • Burned Siblings? - King of Fighters Kyo

Game AppearancesEditar


The King of Fighters: Kyo

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