Shion in The King of Fighters XI
Nome InteiroShion
Aniversario/IdadeOctober 15
Local de NascimentoChina
Altura158cm (5'2")
Peso45kg (99 lbs)
Trabalho/OcupaçãoMagaki's underling
GostaDebut album of Maria Yamamoto, his colored braids
Não gostaPeople who aren't prepared
Comida favoritaDelicacies
Esporte de DestaqueNot interested in sports
ArmaQiang spear, shěng biāo (rope dart), throwing darts, short staves
Estilo de lutaWushu

Shion (紫苑, Shion) is a character from The King of Fighters series. He makes his first appearance in The King of Fighters XI as a sub-boss. He was conceptually designed to be one of Ron's daughters though developers decided to change his gender to startle and appeal to fans with his androgynous appearance. His gender was revealed to fans in his official back story, which states (and corrects itself) on his masculinity. He is voiced by Tokiyo Ogawa.


Shion is an enigmatic character about which little is known. He works as an underling of Magaki and seems knowledgeable about the workings of Orochi. His true motives and his reason for following Magaki are unknown.

After being defeated at the ruins of the tournament finals, he is dragged through an extra-dimensional gate and seemingly killed. However, after Magaki is defeated at the end of the tournament, it is Shion's spear hurled through a gate Magaki created that finally kills him, suggesting he is still alive. The King of Fighters XIII reveals he is alive, still inside the dimensional rift.


Shion shares Mukai's ideology that humans should not be underestimated and they have tremendous potential. Shion and Magaki share an uneasy relationship; Magaki is arrogant and proud of his own strength, seeing most "humans" as trash.


  • Weapon Mastery - Shion is an expert in multiple weapons including the Meteor Hammer and archery.
  • Weapon Summon - Shion can summon his weapons to him at anytime.
  • Wind Projectile - Shion can strike the air with enough power that the air pressure damages his target from a distance.
  • Multiple Attacks - Shion can deliver several punches at almost the same time.

Fighting StyleEditar

Shion uses traditional Wushu.


  • Koubai - The King of Fighters XI

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