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Here is a list of quotes for Shermie.

The King of Fighters '98Editar

  • "Game over, pal! Don't forget to save. Sweet dreams!"

The King of Fighters R-2Editar

SNK Gals' FightersEditar

  • "You're good. You should be a model!" (Vs. Nakoruru/Whip/Miss X)
  • "Why do I win? I got class." (Vs. Akari)
  • "I didn't even get started." (Vs. Leona)
  • "I hope you cheer for me next!" (Vs. Athena/Mai)
Pre-fight dialogue

Miss X: You've done well. Beat me to get the talisman.
Shermie: What now, Ya...?
Miss X: Quiet! I'm Ya...Uh! No! You're mistaken. I'm the one....Ah! Hey! What?!
Shermie: Mm. Nice design. The material's cheap, though.
Miss X: Hey! Don't tear it! Yah! Don't touch the merchandise! Ah! Don't pull! You big killjoy!...Are you listening?
Shermie: Yes!
Miss X: Let's just get started!

Post-fight dialogue

Talisman: What is your wish?
Shermie: Wish? What I'll do? My hamster had babies, so...I want a big hamster cage!
Talisman: Your wish's granted!
Yashiro: I was thinking...With that talisman...You could've freed Orochi.
Shermie: Uh oh!

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