Reiji Oogami in The King of Fighters EX2.
Nome InteiroReiji Oogami
Aniversario/IdadeApril 13; 31 years old
Local de NascimentoJapan.svg.png Japan
Altura178cm (5'10")
Peso78kg (172 lbs)
Tipo SanguíneoO
GostaHis daughter
Não gostaBackbiting
HobbiesTraveling, photography
Comida favoritaRoasted meat
Esporte de DestaqueScuba Diving
Estilo de lutaAncient Martial Arts + self-taught method

Reiji Oogami (大神 零児, Ohgami Reiji) is a character who is introduced in The King of Fighters EX2 as a member of the Heroes Team. He is one of the keepers of the ten treasures, the "Hetsu Mirror" (辺津 鏡, Hetsu Kagami). He is voiced by Tetsu Inada.


Reiji shows up with a King of Fighters invitation at the home of Kyo Kusanagi, who is living in America. As a representative for Chizuru Kagura, he asks Kyo to join him as his teammate in the championship competition so that they can investigate the waves of mystery that are interfering with the "Orochi" seal.

For some time, Reiji was rumored to be Chizuru's husband; however, they are actually just friends, and representatives of the same clan. This is why Reiji's daughter is dressed in a similar outfit to Chizuru, and there's a possibly that he's married to someone else or he may not be married at all as he was seen flirting with Jun in the Hero Team's cutscene.


Like Chizuru, he is focused and serious when it comes to his clan's duties. However, Reiji is more laid back and optimistic, especially with his daughter.


  • Illusions - Like Chizuru, Reiji can project mirror images of himself to attack opponents.
  • Explosive Punch - Reiji can end one of his desperation moves with a fiery punch.
  • Fiery Kick - Reiji can channel a fiery aura around his legs and jump kick his opponent.

Fighting StyleEditar

Reiji uses his skills in Ancient Martial Arts to fight.


  • Goodbye Esaka (GBA version) - The King of Fighters EX2

Game AppearancesEditar



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