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Here is a list quotes for Kim Jae Hoon.

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  • "Women must be humble. It's a virtue in any age." (vs. B. Jenet)
  • "To know one in battle... is a fighter's privilege!" (vs. Butt)
  • "You evil villain! My father is avenged!" (vs. Freeman)
  • "Those sharp blades will cut you. Watch out, pal!" (vs. Gato)
  • "Able to counter all moves, the power of Tae Kwon Do!" (vs. Hokutomaru)
  • "What a cute Spot, huh? I just love small animals!" (vs. Hotaru)
  • "I work for Justice! Hit the shower, pal!" (vs. Kevin)
  • "Wow, shadow Tae Kwon Do! What an awesome workout!" (vs. himself)
  • "It's okay! You will never lose to evil!" (vs. Rock)
  • "Such powerful moves! ...Dad never told me about them!" (vs. Terry)
  • "I always saw you on TV! Keep on fighting, Tizoc!" (vs. Tizoc)
  • "I can't forgive evil! Achaaaaaaa!" (vs. Grant/Kain)

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