Jun Kagami
Jun Kagami in The King of Fighters EX2.
Nome InteiroJun Kagami
Aniversario/IdadeJune 8; 27 years old
Local de NascimentoJapan.svg.png Japan
Altura199cm (6'6")
Peso79kg (174 lbs)
Tipo SanguíneoO
Familia/RelacionadosDeb (pet cat)
GostaHer cat Deb
Não gostaStatus
Comida favoritaSnow cone
Esporte de DestaqueSoccer
Estilo de lutaOld Martial Arts

Jun Kagami (華守 純, Kagami Jun) is a character introduced in The King of Fighters EX2. She holds one of the ten treasures though it's never specified as to which one she protects. She is voiced by Mariko Suzuki.


Jun follows Miu to the King of Fighters tournament. She helps the girl join Iori's team and works to join Miu and Sinobu together.


She is a classy and gregarious woman who likes the simple things in life. She teases Miu's outlook on life, acting as her big sister figure.


  • Brute Force - Jun can smash her opponent on the ground so hard that it could defy the law of gravity sending her opponent bouncing vertically off screen delivering massive amount of damage when her special attack is used coming from the high energy that is used from her body even making her opponent land hard on the ground from the impact.
  • Peak Physical Ability - Jun possess the highest athletic performance for a woman in strength, movement, reflexes, stamina and coordination which is why she is able to hit her opponents so hard when her hit combo is executed right at them even for contenders double her size.

Fighting StyleEditar

Jun uses her martial art skills and various kicks to fight, this includes her grapples and her graceful dance moves.


  • Stormy Scream ~Arashi no Saxophone 4~ (Stormy Scream ~Stormy Saxophone 4~) , (GBA version) - The King of Fighters EX2

Game AppearancesEditar



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