Jokyojo is a secondary character in The King of Fighters series.


Jokyojo was the director of the university of Osaka. There, she met the Judo instructor, Goro Daimon and fell in love with him. They eventually got married and had a child, Kogoro Daimon.

In The King of Fighters: Kyo, it's shown how Goro and Jokyojo met each other. When Kyo Kusanagi and Shingo Yabuki went to the University of Osaka to find Goro, the Judo master said how he liked to have a girlfriend. Shingo made fun of him, screaming foolishness until Jokyojo appeared behind him. Goro and Jokyojo went to the gym and Shingo and Kyo hid there and spied on them. Goro and Jokyojo were talking about academic matters, when Shingo and Kyo appeared and Shingo asked if Goro had already asked her out. Goro was mad at Shingo for that, but Jokyojo said "Why couldn't we go out?", which left Goro speechless. They eventually went on a date, got married and had a son.


Jokyojo is a serious person, just like Goro. Jokyojo is often straight-to-the-point as well.

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