Jan, sometimes called Jean, (ジャン) is a character in the Art of Fighting and The King of Fighters series of fighting games. He is voiced by Harumi Ikoma in King of Fighters: Kyo.


Jan is King's little brother. Jan was kidnapped by Mr. Big's men during the time of Art of Fighting and King was forced to collaborate with Big, until Ryo Sakazaki defeated the man and freed both his sister Yuri and Jan from Big's hands. In the second title, he was caught in a traffic accident and lost the use of his legs. The cost of his operation was covered by Ryo and Robert Garcia.

In the KOF storyline, Jan gets really sick before The King of Fighters '96 tournament and is in the hospital. King entered the tournament, trying to win it so she can pay for his treatment. Unfortunately, King loses the tournament, but her teammates, Mai Shiranui and Kasumi Todoh collected enough money to treat Jan.


Jan is a good boy who loves his sister very much. He's also very outgoing, often hitting on King's friends.

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