Hyena from KOF: Maximum Impact 2
Nome InteiroHyena
Aniversario/IdadeAugust 17
Local de NascimentoArquivo:France.jpg France
Altura181cm (5'11")
Peso78kg (172 lbs)
Trabalho/OcupaçãoDuke's henchman
GostaHis stylish hair
Não gostaPeople whom he can't use
HobbiesIntelligence gathering
Comida favoritaSoft-boiled eggs
Habilidade especialSucking up, scheming, wheedling, feigning death
Estilo de lutaChicken Style Combat

Hyena (ハイエナ, Haiena) is a fictional character from the SNK Playmore's fighting game series KOF: Maximum Impact, part of The King of Fighters series. He appears during story scenarios in the first game but enters as an unlockable playable character in KOF: Maximum Impact 2.

When creating his design, Falcoon's main objective was to make a man looks best in a green suit. His wacky gestures and his annoyed face were created to add an off-beat character to the cast. His role in the series is to serve as the cowardly yet boastful "new recruit", best shown in his ineptness during fights and his groveling to Duke. He was originally not going to be a player character in the second game, but was requested by Falcoon to be placed into the roster. His lines during gameplay were devised in a collaborative effort between Hyena, Alba, and Soiree's seiyuu who became good friends during the length of the project.

He is voiced by Bin Shimada and Bill Hemberger.


He was previously Duke's henchman who acted as his messenger to challengers during the first tournament -later established mostly due to his personal fear of Duke. After Duke's defeat and Mephistopheles collapse, he goes into hiding and develops his own fighting style to protect himself. He gains a reputation as a fighter in the underworld media and is invited to KOF to participate.


Hyena is a cowardly man with a hunger for power. If he wants something, his first choice is to use someone who is able to do what he wants. He will only act as a last resort.

Fighting StyleEditar

Hyena fights with playing cards. As Hyena's fighting techniques are very clumsy and unfocused, he is likely meant to be more of a joke character. One of Hyena's supermoves, This Century's Most Fearsome Acting, shows him dying instantly from a hit by an opponent, and then springing back to life with a enigmatic kick move. This technique has caused many a thrown controller in competitive play, as many save it so the fake KO would look realistic. Using This Century's Most Fearsome Acting comes with a price, however. If Hyena is subjected to a throw by the opposing character, he will be knocked out instantly, making this move more subjective to timing and defensive purposes.

Game AppearancesEditar


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