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Here is a list of quotes for Goenitz.

In BattleEditar

Japanese English Translation
Saa, kami ni inorinasai!Now, pray to your God!
Nurui desu ne.You're pathetic.
Koko desu ka?Here?
Soko desu ka!Over there!
Osoi desu ne.Too slow.
Ikaga desu?How do you like this?
(Kore ga) Shinbatsu desu.This is God's punishment.
Owakare desu!This is farewell!
Mada mada desu ne.Not quite.
Kui aratame nasai.Repent while you are still able.
Kami no gokago ga aran koto wo.May God bless you.
Minohodo wo shirinasai.Learn your place.

The King of Fighters '96Editar

Win QuotesEditar

  • "With your pathetic performance here, ends humanity."
  • "Your invitation has brought your own destruction. Toodles!"
  • "Now the world will burn in hate's flames! And chaos reigns!"
  • "The world burns with malice and hatred. There is no way to overcome true chaos." (Game Boy Version)

The King of Fighters 2002Editar

Win QuotesEditar

  • "Cease your existence. Join all the rest of humanity!"
  • "Foolish little lambs. Know an existence greater than you."
  • "It's not worth killing you. Can't you resist a little?"
  • "Pray, for you have been called."
  • "The end of everything begins now. Let joy and despair madden you."
  • "There is nothing to fear. That is, you'll return to nothing."
  • "They call me the mighty wind that cuts through everything."
  • "Yes, hate me more and more. Hate me and transcend it. Yes..."
  • "Your torment, pain, screams... Oh, how I love it so!"
  • "You're quite strong. Suitable to sacrifice to the Orochi...."
  • "Just what are you doing? It's just so not funny!" (Vs. Himself)
  • "Oh, Yagami. Come to me this time!" (Vs. Iori)
  • "Such strength... Can it be?! Tell me everything. Everything!" (Vs. K')
  • "We've just met... Now we part. Forever." (Vs. Kyo)
  • "Control your strength? What stupidity...." (Vs. Leona)
  • "Your blood, flesh, hearts... All shall go to the Orochi." (Vs. Mature/Vice)
  • "Both ugly and beautiful... Iori Yagami, you rule...." (Vs. Wild Iori)
  • "I'll free you of your insanity ...and your life." (Vs. Yamazaki)

SNK vs Capcom: SVC ChaosEditar

In BattleEditar

Japanese English Translation
Sou desu ka?Is that so?
Kore ga...shinbatsu desu!This is...God's punishment!

Win QuotesEditar

  • I see peace has made the fists of the Kusanagi rusty... You can't keep up with me. (win versus Kyo)
  • In the end, the human children match not my power. The power of the Orochi...!
  • The least I can do is offer a prayer for you; then send you to Hades!
  • Done already, are you? And such a good wind keeps blowing, too.
  • You wish to continue? My, my... I am sorry, but that's a bad idea.

Pre-Fight DialoguesEditar


Goenitz: Why, you...!
Akuma: Destroy!
Goenitz: The last one standing shall certainly be me. Hoo, hoo, hoo. A good wind blows... Let us begin!


'Geese: "The supreme Orochi... I'll have you tell me the secrets of Orochi!"
Goenitz: "It's no use. ...A mediocrity like couldn't grasp it."
Geese: "I, Geese Howard, a mediocrity, am I. Judge for yourself!"
Goenitz: "I pity you..."

Ken Masters:

Ken: Just who are you? You're no saint, huh?
Goenitz: Greetings. I am Goenitz. I wish the honor of observing your power.
Ken: No biggie with me, but don't complain if I beat you silly.

Riot of the Blood Iori

Goenitz: "Ha ha ha ha! You are on your way to a greater consciousness."
R.Iori: "Ooh-whoa-whoa!"
Goenitz: "How laughable. Isn't it?"


Ryu: This intense aura! Who is it?
Goenitz: Greetings. I am Goenitz. ...No need to tell me your name. I know.
Ryu: I'm honored. By the way, what brings you here?
Goenitz: A simple request. I've come to test your abilities.
Ryu: Then what?
Goenitz: Hoo, hoo, hoo. You'll find out.


Shiki: ....
Goenitz: Young maiden, you possess a considerable spirit. One which would serve the Orochi well...
Shiki: I pursue one thing... That is one man only...
Goenitz: Ohh, hoo, hoo. A good wind blows... by his grace!

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