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Here is a list of quotes for Genjuro Kibagami.

Samurai Shodown 2Editar

Before BattleEditar

  • "Kill you!!"
  • "We don't need the same two men in the world!"(Vs. Himself)

Win QuotesEditar

  • "I'll be never beaten by anybody who lives in confort, like you."
  • "You can imitate my looks, but can never imitate all of myself."(Vs. Himself)

Samurai Showdown 3Editar

Win QuoteEditar

  • "You wrench!"

Samurai Shodown 4Editar

Before BattleEditar

  • "You're boring.Die!"
  • "You...I hate.Die!"

Win QuotesEditar

  • "Out of my way,trash!"(Bust - Opponent Suicide)
  • "You're not worth killing."(Bust Fatality)
  • "Aaah. I need more blood!"(Bust)
  • "What a boring brute."(Slash - Opponent Suicide)
  • "That's your best?"(Slash Fatality)
  • "Nice job,noodlehead."(Vs. Slash)

Samurai Shodown 5Editar

Win QuotesEditar

  • "Hah! What a fool."
  • "Don't get cocky!"(Perfect)
  • "Stop kidding around and fight"(Remaining life:low)

Samurai Shodown 5 SpecialEditar

Win QuotesEditar

  • "Swatted like a fly."(remaining life:high)
  • "I enjoyed the work out...not!"(remaining life:low)
  • "You make me puke"(remaining life:moderate)

Samurai Shodown!Editar

Win QuotesEditar

  • Another weenie? What a bore!
  • You're pathetic!

Samurai Shodown! 2Editar

Win QuotesEditar

  • Die, punk! (Slash)
  • Who do you think you are? (Slash)
  • Miserable cretin! (Bust)
  • This pinhead amuses me! (Bust)

SNK vs Capcom: SVC ChaosEditar

Pre-Fight DialoguesEditar

Genjuro Kibagami vs Athena:

Genjuro: I suppose you, too, protest that you "fight for peace." Pah!
Athena: "Pah!" yourself, you cynical gloomy Gus!
Genjuro: In the end, humans are nothing but beasts!
Athena: I know you've had a tough time of it. But I will save you!
Genjuro: Unsavable optimist!

Genjuro Kibagami vs. Balrog:

Balrog: What're you gaping at? And what's that little toy in your hand, huh?
Genjuro: Cross me and you will add to my blade's rust.
Balrog: My fists. Your blade. Heh, heh. Cool! Which is deadlier?
Genjuro: ...Die.
Balrog: If I win, you'll lose that sword!
Genjuro: I'll chop off your arms, then kill you by inches.

Genjuro Kibagami vs. Chun-li:

Chun-Li: "Halt!!"
Genjuro: "What is it...?"
Chun-Li: "I got a bad feeling... Just how many people have you disposed of?"
Genjuro: "Tch! I have no time for tallying my victims!"
Chun-Li: "I bet you could tally up some innocents too! You'll answer to me!"
Genjuro: "Enough of your impertinent whelping! Die, you cackling hen!"

Genjuro Kibagami vs. Demitri:

Genjuro: Who... are you?
Demitri: You cannot begin to grasp who I am, worm.
Genjuro: Those who hinder me, be they even gods, face my blade's fury!

Genjuro Kibagami vs. Goenitz:

Genjuro: "You dress oddly. Are you a... priest?"
Geonitz: "Ooh, hoo. I travel all lands to save fools such as you..."
Genjuro: "Absurd! Only fools depend on silly rituals."
Goenitz: "Not accepting your own weakness... That is the absurdity."

Genjuro Kibagami vs. Iori Yagami:

Genjuro: "Vermin...Die!"
Iori: "Vermin...Die!"

Genjuro Kibagami Vs. Kasumi Todoh

Kasumi: "Ooh. What gloom."
Genjuro: "Oh-ho! You are an observant wench."
Kasumi: "Backstabbing fiend! Prepare yourself!"

Genjuro Kibagami Vs. Kyo Kusanagi

Genjuro: "My next prey is you..."
Kyo: "A sword? Are you kidding me? Those're dangerous!"
Genjuro: "Calm down, pup. It'll be over soon."
Kyo: "I don't need this... You remind me of someone who really peeves me off!"

Genjuro Kibagami Vs. Riot of the Blood Iori

R.Iori: "Ooh-whoa-whoa!"
Genjuro: "Lost to darkness."
R.Iori: "Goooo-whoaaa!"
Genjuro: "Relax. I will presently send you to a more agreeable place!"

Genjuro Kibagami Vs. Sagat:

Sagat: "Only a fool would believe a sword makes you any stronger. A fool like you."
Genjuro: "Just like a buffoon who's big believes that makes them tough. A buffoon like you."
Sagat: "Touche. Care to find out how tough I really am?"
Genjuro: "I don't plan to use the back of my blade. Prepare yourself!"

Genjuro Kibagami Vs. Zero:

Genjuro: "Do you use a blade, boy?"
Zero: "What... Again?... There's just no end...!"
Genjuro: Hmph. "Fellow swordsman... I suppose I could take time for amusement."
Zero: "(End it quickly...)"
Ciel: "(Beware... Zero.)"

Win QuotesEditar

  • "Remember this: it's the way of the world that the weak must parish!"
  • "You can kill yourself from shame, but I won't clean up!"
  • "You never had a chance of winning..."
  • "I am an evil necessity in this koo-koo nutty world!"(Vs. Chun-Li)
  • "Hmph! Hard as ever to remove your innards, I see!"(Vs. Earthquake)
  • "What can God or Buddha do...? All I need is a good sword!"(Vs. Goenitz/Dhalsim)
  • "It is beautiful, isn't it? Your make-up goes well with a grand guignol death, I see."(Vs. Vega)

Neo Geo Battle ColiseumEditar

Win QuotesEditar

  • "Cur! Filth! Scum! You're not worth killing."
  • "Still think you're tough? Die... you festering freak!"
  • "You don't want to die? ...Too late, mooncalf!"
  • "You were a worthy opponent. I'll mince you with respect."
  • "Quite a wind-up doll you are! A nice change of pace from chopping up humans!" (Vs. Cyber Woo)
  • "Ever care to know how a fish feels served alive? You will. Die happy!" (Vs. Himself)
  • "You've lost it, Haohmaru! Now I cut our fatal ties!" (Vs. Haohmaru)
  • "What do you want from me, woman? Tell me... or die!" (Vs. Shiki)

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