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Here is the list quotes of Geese Howard

Fatal FuryEditar

Win QuotesEditar

  • "I'll smash you like a small fry as I did your father."
  • "Revenge for your father!? Beat me if you can!"
  • "You will die before I let you win!"

Fatal Fury SpecialEditar

Pre-Fight QuotesEditar

  • "The immortal Geese is about to show you to a very hot place, indeed."
  • "Show me how strong you have become. Start whenever you're ready. C'mon." (Vs. Billy)
  • "Wah, hah, hah. Not satisfied until you have what you want." (Vs. Krauser)
  • "Die like your father, you pin-headed son of an icecream maker!" (Vs. Terry/Andy)
  • "Coming up against me takes guts. I like guts--with catsup." (Vs. Himself)

Win QuotesEditar

  • "Scum should know its place.
  • "You fight like a milkmaid. Butch up." (Vs. Billy)
  • "If you always fight like that, you'll never get anywhere. Geez! (Vs. Terry/Andy)

Fatal Fury 3Editar

Win QuotesEditar

  • "Good match, pal. Not!"
  • "You've gotten stronger, but you're still no match for me, Andy. Hang it up!" (Vs. Andy)
  • "Don't call me pansy again, bimbo! Now leave my town!" (Vs. Blue Mary)
  • "This town is nothing without the presence of yours truly." (Vs. Bob)
  • "Don't ever enter my town again without my express written permission!" (Vs. Yamazaki)
  • "There's only room for one power-mad maniac in this town, melonhead!" (Vs. Himself)
  • "No two-bit Hong Kong cop is going to ruin my plans!" (Vs. Hon Fu)
  • "Oooh, you were as strong as my pain reliever. Oh, my sinuses are killing me." (Vs. Joe)
  • "Tell the Bogards and their brief-wearing friend that Geese is here to stay!" (Vs. Mai)
  • "So this is the level of the Mochizukis? Sad. So very, very sad." (Vs. Sokaku)
  • "Hey, I've been waiting to meet up with you. Just wait until I regenerate. See ya!" (Vs. Terry)

Real Bout Fatal FuryEditar

Win QuotesEditar

  • "Bogard, you were even weaker than I imagined!" (Vs. Andy)
  • "Billy, hit the showers. What a loser!" (Vs. Billy)
  • "Your ancestors were strong... So, what's your problem?" (Vs. Blue Mary)
  • "Capoeira? That's just for big loser wimps like you!" (Vs. Bob)
  • "So this is the scroll's power. Nothing but nonsense." (Vs. Chonrei)
  • "Yet another rat to rub out!" (Vs. Chonshu)
  • "I bet you're just a wimp, too." (Vs. Duck King)
  • "How 'bout using your strength for me, for evil!" (Vs. Franco)
  • "And don't let me see you again! You silly little wannabe!" (Vs. Himself)
  • "I don't care if you're a cop. A weenie is still a weenie!" (Vs. Hon Fu)
  • "Hey, we've battled before. Maybe not. Wa, hah, hah! " (Vs. Joe)
  • "You were adequate. But no match for me." (Vs. Kim)
  • "Take up knitting, weenie!" (Vs. Mai)
  • "Hmm. That was interesting. Laugh, clown, laugh." (Vs. Sokaku)
  • "That's all you've got? Geez!" (Vs. Terry)
  • "Another rat for extermination." (Vs. Yamazaki)

Real Bout Fatal Fury SpecialEditar

Win QuotesEditar

  • "I'm invincible!
  • "Relax, soon you will feel no pain!" (Vs. Andy)
  • "You're still just a punching bag!" (Vs. Billy)
  • "You'll make a good warm-up, boy!" (Vs. Chonrei/Chonshu)
  • "I'll show you Hades' depths!" (Vs. Himself)
  • "Buzz off, ape!" (Vs. Joe)
  • "Show me your Imperial power!" (Vs. Krauser)
  • "You've made a big mistake, pal." (Vs. Laurence)
  • "You'll get no mercy from me!" (Vs. Mai/Blue Mary)
  • "You dare sneer at me directly?!" (Vs. Terry)
  • "I'll give you a break, geezer!" (Vs. Tung)
  • "Scum like you is no match for me!" (Vs. Yamazaki)

Real Bout Fatal Fury 2Editar

Win QuotesEditar

  • "It's your choice: Slavery, or... death!"
  • "Quite an honor, bud. To die by the Geesester."

King of Fighters '96Editar

Win QuotesEditar

  • "Hmph! I'll break anyone who blocks my way to world conquest!"
  • "How's it feel like to be ruled by overwhelming power?"
  • "Want the power to live again? Sorry,your time has run out!"
  • "How does it feel to be ruled by ultimate power! Be afraid - very afraid!" (Game Boy)

The King of Fighters '98: Ultimate MatchEditar

Win QuoteEditar

  • "Hmm, try to defeat me with such a poor street performance?"

The King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited MatchEditar

Win QuotesEditar

  • "Choose. Live as my slave, or die as a true warrior."
  • "I like you! Starting tomorrow, I'll use you in my organization!"
  • "I'll give you 10 seconds. Enough time for a last prayer to your god."
  • "Pathetic loser! I'm going to toss you off the top of Geese Tower!"
  • "So you accept my dominance? Then know the joy of subservience."
  • "Surrender, submit, or give up? Select the one you prefer."
  • "To oppose one so out of your league. You truly are a fool!"
  • "What terrified eyes you have... Can't you even look me in the eye?!"
  • "You have now been branded a loser. You'll bear it as long as you live!"
  • "The Bogard name's gone. You disgrace your adopted dad's name!" (Vs. Andy)
  • "A job well done. You provided suitable entertainment." (Vs. Billy)
  • "Hmph. How amusing. You can be my double." (Vs. Himself)
  • "Can that be all you have? Where's your messiah now?!" (Vs. Goenitz)
  • "A fool who can't use his power. You're nothing but a loser!" (Vs. Orochi Iori)
  • "You, Sakazaki pup... You're 20 years too early." (Vs. Ryo)
  • "Your age is over, gramps. Old soldiers should just fade away!" (Vs. Takuma)
  • "Some lone wolf you are. You're just a toothless, mangy mutt!" (Vs. Terry)

The King of Fighters XIEditar

Win QuotesEditar

  • "Come on, I'm allowing you to fight ME. Make it interesting, will you?!"
  • "Did you think YOU could defeat Geese Howard?!"
  • "Humans are captivated by absolute power. That is the power I, Geese Howard, hold!"
  • "I'll show you what it means to cross Geese Howard. I'll carve it right into that body of yours..."
  • "It's a sin that you don't know your place in this world. You should learn your limits!"
  • "Small fry... You weren't even worth fighting!"
  • "Understand? This is the power of a ruler..."
  • "You fight well for a chump, but you should know there's a wall that you just can't pass!"
  • "Hmm. Your power... It's very intriguing." (Vs. Ash)
  • "What are you snooping around for? Wag your tail for your master, like the dog you are!" (Vs. Blue Mary)
  • "You lose and yet you still have defiant eyes. ...You really don't know the limits of your power." (Vs. Gato)
  • "Hmm, what's wrong? You look surprised. Fool... I told you I was immortal!!" (Vs. Terry)

Capcom vs SNK 2Editar

Win QuotesEditar

  • "Another insignificant bug that needed to be stepped on..."
  • "Everyone must suffer!!"
  • "How dare you even think that you are on my level of skill! Now suffer!!"
  • "Not bad... You could work for me if you could stand up!"
  • "Oh, are you begging me for your life? Too little, and much too late!"
  • "Pride means nothing to one such as I..."
  • "Yabo!!"
  • "You don't have the courage to challenge me again, do you? Ha ha ha!"

SVC Chaos: SNK vs CapcomEditar

Pre-Battle DialogueEditar


Geese: "...Where am I?"
Athena: "Huh?Another human?"
Geese: "Honey,where am I?"
Athena: "Such insolence!I will have to teach you some manners!"

Choi Bounge

Choi: "Evil is my enemy! Just kidding, buddy boy!"
Geese: "Hmph."
Choi: "Why you! You got me riled up now!"


Earthquake: "Snort. Snort. I'll do away with you then the gold's mine!"
Geese: "Hmph! It's a plan! Put 'em up!"

Genjuro Kibagami

Genjuro: "I destroy all who stand in my way!"
Geese: "Oh, the samurai! It's an honor to meet the real thing."
Genjuro: "We'll see how long you'll think so."
Geese: "Heh, heh, heh. You'll need more than a sword!"


'Geese: "The supreme Orochi... I'll have you tell me the secrets of Orochi!"
Goenitz: "It's no use. ...A mediocrity like couldn't grasp it."
Geese: "I, Geese Howard, a mediocrity, am I. Judge for yourself!"
Goenitz: "I pity you..."

Iori Yagami

Geese: "The Orochi Power... I still crave it!"
Iori: "Do not seek that which you can't control..."
Geese: "I have always got what I have wanted and I will the Orochi power too!"
Iori: "Your foolish pride... shall bring you death!"

Kasumi Todoh

Kasumi: "I am Kasumi, daughter of Ryuhaku Todoh. Defend yourself, Geese!"
Geese: "Hmph. I've met this daughter of a fly before..."
Kasumi: "My father's been here? Am I a tough enough martial artist yet? But I must not show my achilles' heel in front of my enemy!"
Geese: "You're a spunky one. Ok. I'll oblige you. Bring it on, fly!"

Kim Kaphwan

Kim: "I cannot leave one who is so possessed of evil..."
Geese: "Another pest..."
Kim: "You'll regret that snotty remark!"
Geese: "Hmph!"

Kyo Kusanagi

Geese: "Come on, Kusanagi! Show me your stuff!"
Kyo: "Hmph. Very well... Let's do it, chump!"

Mai Shiranui

Mai: "Geese! Yikes! A ghost!"
Geese: "Oh, Bogard's lady!"
Mai: "I'll exorcise you!"

Mr. Karate

Geese: "What's with that ridiculous mask? Insulting me, Sakazaki?"
Mr. Karate: "Don't know Sakazaki. They call me, Mr. Karate, the Karate Goblin..."
Geese: "Imbecile."
Mr. Karate: "Yeah, but Mr. Karate's no ordinary imbecile... you'll see for yourself!"

Riot of the Blood Iori

Geese: "...Consumed by Orochi.
R.Iori: "Ohh-whoaaaa!"
Geese: "Hmph.Come on!"

Ryo Sakazaki

Ryo: "You villain. I'll pulverize you!"
Geese: "Hmph! You don't think you can beat me, do you?"


Geese: "Whoa. It's you. You look like a doll."
Shiki: "...I'll slice you!"
Geese: "A puppet can't kill me. You'll realize that!"
Shiki: "I will... ...slice you..."

Terry Bogard

Terry: "Geese! You're alive!"
Geese: "Hmph! I'm immortal! Now it's time I even up our accounts."
Terry: Oh. We'll even things up all right. For good."

Win QuotesEditar

  • "Humph! I thought as much."
  • "I should show more mercy. Here comes the finisher!"
  • "Now beat it! I've no business with wimps!"
  • "Oh, cursed fate! Must these young punks constantly confound me?!"
  • "The legendary fist of the assassins...? That's it?" (Vs. Ryu/Ken/Akuma)
  • "So where is your brother? I'm gonna do away with all of you Bogards!" (Vs. Terry)

Neo Geo Battle ColiseumEditar

Win QuotesEditar

  • "...How long you gonna nap? Get lost! You pathetic loser!"
  • "I'm sending you to hell. Since I won't be there, you can rest easy, right?"
  • "I've no time for punks like you. Beat it, pond scum!"
  • "Just how much must you disappoint me, Geese Howard, to be satisfied?"
  • "Your era is long over. Don't you know you're just adding to your shame?" (Vs. Mr. Big)
  • "...Just what are you?!" (Vs. Rock)
  • "You blond-haired pansy. You're more a toothless mutt than a mighty lone wolf!" (Vs. Terry)
  • "Not as spry, Master... Given your advanced years, I cut you a little slack." (Vs. Tung)

SNK vs Capcom: Match of the MillenniumEditar

Win QuoteEditar

  • "Roll over, dog!"

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