(フェイト, Fuuehto) is an unseen character in the The King of Fighters series of fighting games. He was the adopted father of Alba and Soiree Meira.


In the Maximum Impact storyline, Fate was the leader of a gang called Sons of Fate that controlled Southtown and kept it peaceful after Geese's death. Information told to him by his business partner, Seth, led him to believe that Duke was a threat to the peace of the city. Convinced that the information was genuine, Fate went alone into Duke's headquarters. What happened next is left dubious to the audience (Fate tried to assassinate, negotiate, or compromise with Duke) but he fought Lien Neville and was killed during the fight. His adopted sons, Alba and Soiree Meira begin a quest for revenge and target anyone who they believe to be involved in Fate's death.

In the manhua series, Fate is depicted as a tall African-American man in a business suit. In this story, he was killed by Duke in an alleyway.

The third Days of Memories title described Fate as a kind mentor for Alba and Soiree. He doubled as a business man and gang leader in America. When he is unscrupulously killed by a Japanese organization, Alba inherits Fate's title as president and seeks to avenge him.

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