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Here is a list of quotes for Choi Bounge.

The King of Fighters '94Editar

Win QuotesEditar

  • "You should have given up!" (Vs. Brazil Team)
  • "You finished already? Heeee!" (Vs. China Team)
  • "So exciting to chop up beauties!" (Vs. England Team)
  • "Now we can be famous too!" (Vs. Italy Team)
  • "Have you lost your spirits?" (Vs. Japan Team)
  • "Your iron nails are rusty!" (Vs. Korea Team)
  • "Your blood is delicious!" (Vs. Mexico Team)
  • "Your body is no use in war!" (Vs. USA Team)

The King of Fighters '95Editar

Win QuotesEditar

  • "I love the sound of stainless steel on raw flash. Yes!!!"
  • "No one beats me! I fight for justice--and lots of cash!"
  • "Those who play with razors are bound to be cut. Watch it!"

The King of Fighters '96Editar

Win QuotesEditar

  • "Cut and gouge.Cut and gouge. My talons of terror live!"
  • "I may be short,but boy! Sure know how to move!"
  • "I'll carve my name into all who dare challenge me!"

The King of Fighters '97Editar

The King of Fighters '98Editar

Win QuoteEditar

  • "A quick win. A quick victory. This time, I'm really free!"

The King of Fighters '99Editar

Win QuoteEditar

  • "I'm a little monster, who kicks big butt!"

The King of Fighters 2000Editar

Win QuoteEditar

  • "Oooh! The mutilation. The twirling. The ecstacy!"

Lose QuoteEditar

  • "Oh ho, those stars in front of me are purty..."

The King of Fighters 2001Editar

Win QuotesEditar

  • "I cannot be emulated. Not now. Not ever. Yes!"
  • "Ping! I win again!"
  • "Too fast for the human eye am I!"
  • "Hey, Chang. Guess who worked out a little more?" (Vs. Chang)
  • "You're a cutie pie. You're not angry, are you?" (Vs. Girls Team)
  • "I've had enough of your silly psychic power!" (Vs. Psycho Soldiers Team)

The King of Fighters 2002Editar

Win QuotesEditar

  • "You did pretty good just to last this long."
  • "Winning isn't everything.. It's the only thing, loser!"
  • "Through already? What a gyp!"
  • "Whew, man!... I could use a little TLC..." (Vs. Chang)
  • "Whew! That really brings me back to last year's fun." (Vs. May Lee)

SNK vs Capcom: SVC ChaosEditar

Pre-Fight DialoguesEditar

Choi Bounge vs Kyo Kusanagi:

Kyo: "Oh, good grief! Another bonehead..."
Choi: "Don't pooh-pooh me! I'll slice you, buddy boy! Oooh-kee!"
Kyo: "You're toast, pal!"

Choi Bounge vs. Mr. Karate:

Choi: "...? Have we met somewhere before, buddy boy?"
Mr. Karate: "N-no. Not possible. We've never met... really!"
Choi: "?! Are you by chance... Yeah, you're Tak..."
Mr. Karate: "Shhhht! Enough chit-chat! Put 'em up, tiny!"

Choi Bounge vs. Ryu:

Ryu: "That's a weird stance. Looks a bit like... Tae Kwon Do!"
Choi: "Eeee-yaoh! I'm a genuine Tae Kwon Do disciple!"
Ryu: "Tae Kwon Do with a touch of steel, eh? Fascinating! How about a match?"
Choi: "Eee-ya, hah! You'll add to the rust on my claws!"

Choi Bounge vs. Sagat:

Sagat: "Vermin. Get out of my sight!..."
Choi: "Why don't you see if I'm vermin or not!"
Sagat: "No need. Vermin is vermin. I've no time for vermin. An emperor like me touches no vermin."
Choi: "Vermin. Vermin. Vermin. You're making me mad!"
Sagat: "...Looks like you, you're vermin to me."

Choi Bounge vs. Hugo:

Hugo: "You are small! Want to join us?"
Choi: "Eeee-Gyah! Did you call me small? Yes, you did, buddy boy!"
Hugo: "Stay away from my feet. I just might stomp you flat as a pancake."
Choi: "Ooh- Hah!

Choi Bounge vs. Shiki

Shiki: "Move or Die!"
Choi: "Well, I won't be dying, tootsie!"
Shiki: "...."

Choi Bounge vs. Goenitz

Goenitz: "I have no business with those of your stature!"
Choi: "Ack! Dis me, will you? Big things come in small packages, Padre!"

Choi Bounge vs. Dhalsim

Dhalsim: "You're a slave to desire. You must train and learn Yoga to save yourself."
Choi: "I'll leave the preaching to Kim. Can it, buddy boy!"
Dhalsim: "Even if you'll be able to be taller, too? I know you want that."
Choi: "Taller? Okay, you got me curious. Start talking."
Dhalsim: "First, you must purge all desires."
Choi: "... You gotta be nuts! I guess I'm just doomed to enjoy myself . Let's go, stretch!"

Choi Bounge vs. Terry Bogard

Terry: "Hey, kiddo, what's wrong? Are you lost?"
Choi: "Yeeee! Who are you calling kiddo, buddy boy?!"
Terry: "What's this? A tiny geezer?"
Choi: "Doh! Gyah! You're going down, buddy boy!"

Choi Bounge vs. Violent Ken

VKen: "Ooooooh-whoooo."
Choi: "Oh, great. Another freak."
VKen: "Ooooooh-whoooo. I'm gonna kill you!"
Choi: "But why, buddy boy?"

Choi Bounge vs. Akuma

Choi: "Th-this one looks reeeeeally tough!"
Akuma: "Rumble!"
Choi: "Holy freakshow! Game over, buddy boy!"

Choi Bounge vs. Kasumi Todoh

Kasumi: "What gives? Aren't you Kim's..."
Choi: "Curses! Curses! Don't tell Kim about this, okay, tootsie?"
Kasumi: "Hm, something's fishy."
Choi: "N-no. Anyway... Shush! Eh, tootsie?"

Choi Bounge vs. Iori Yagami

Iori: "Move, troll!"
Choi: "Ooh, Kyah! Having a bad hair day? Bet you didin't see me coming did you, huh?"
Iori: "You're history, dwarf!"

Choi Bounge vs. Mai Shiranui

Mai: "Choi! Have you seen my little Andy-Kins?"
Choi: "How should I know where he is, tootsie? ... Andy-Kins ... Yee, hee!"
Mai: "Huh?! "Yee, hee!" what? Do you know something!"

Choi Bounge vs. Ryo Sakazaki

Ryo: "You're alone today? Where's the giant?"
Choi: "It's none of your beeswax, buddy boy."
Ryo: "I'm gonna make mincemeat of you by my lonesome. I will, buddy boy."
Choi: "You're a spunky dwarf. Bring it on, troll boy."

Choi Bounge vs. Choi Bounge

Choi1: "Hmph! I guess I've become famous, too."
Choi2: "But the world's only big enought for one of us, buddy boy."

Choi Bounge vs. Kim Kaphwan

Kim: "And just what are you doing here?"
Choi: "Eek! Master Kim! Me?... Uh, training. That's it! Training!"
Kim: "Uh, huh... Well, then, let's spar a little, okay? "
Choi: "Oh, brother... I'm done for!"

Choi Bounge vs. Genjuro Kibagami

Genjuro: "... Who're you?"
Choi: "Nobody... buddy boy."
Genjuro: "Pesky flea. Die!"

Choi Bounge vs. Earthquake

Choi: "H-holy cow! You're bigger than Chang."
Earthquake:" Who're you, tiny? Got a deathwish?"
Choi: "Tiny?! Why you! I'll slice up you and sell you, buddy boy!"

Choi Bounge vs Ken Masters

Ken: Hey, little geezer. Care to spar?"
Choi: Who, me, buddy boy? You're a rude one!"
Ken: There's nothing like mixing it up with freaks like you!"
Choi: Eee-ya! You'll be sorry when I make sashimi of you!"

Choi Bounge vs. Chun Li

Choi: "Hey, I know you... You're a cop!"
Chun Li: "You're quite perceptive. Hey! Didn't I put you in the slammer...?"
Choi: "Yeah! I'll teach you to toss me in the big house! You'll die on duty!"
Chun Li: "Such bitterness. Ah, okay. Try taking it out on me!"

Choi Bounge vs. Guile

Guile: "Kids like you should not play with knives."
Choi: "I'm no kid, buddy boy. I'm a full-fledged adult, I am!"
Guile: "Yeah, sure. You kids always say that."
Choi: "Gyah! That did it! You're mine, buddy boy!"

Choi Bounge vs. M. Bison

Choi: "Evil I do not forgive. Just a joke, bro."
Bison: "Hmph. I see you get me. I can use you as a gopher in my organization. Now, bow down to me."
Choi: "Don't play me! Even I've got some pride, buddy boy!"
Bison: "Very little. Ha ha! Oh! I kill me. So how about it. Bow?"
Choi: "Pass!"

Choi Bounge vs. Vega

Choi: "Hmm. I guess I'm famous now, huh? But I'm not wearing a mask now, buddy boy!"
Vega: "How repulsive."
Choi: "I don't need guff from you, masked moron!"
Vega: "Enough with you... Pay with your death!"

Choi Bounge vs. Balrog

Balrog: "Move or I'll stomp you! You little pest!
Choi: "Both dumb and rude, eh, buddy boy? I'll just assume Kim's role and start your rehabilitation!
Balrog: "Who is that?! You speak in tongues! I'm gonna stomp you!
Choi: "I'll slice you, silly! Let's do it, buddy boy!

Choi Bounge vs. Tessa

Tessa: "... (How minuscule... Is everyone like him?)
Choi: "Huh? You think me minuscule do you? How rude!"
Tessa: "What? You have the power to read my mind?"
Choi: "Eeee-yah! I knew it!"
Tessa: "You're so intriguing. Let me study you to establish sorcerology!"
Choi: "Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut. Mince! Chop!"

Winning QuotesEditar

  • "Hoo hooo delightful! I just love when you popular guys fall on your booties!"
  • "Alone like this, I can't help thinking about... Kim. Not!... No way! Gag!"
  • "Try it now! Try looking at me like I'm just a pee-wee! Kee-Yah!"
  • "Yeah, I could make you a disciple of mine! Give me 1000 push-ups!"
  • "(I can't leave you to die like this, Kim...) Yikes! Did he hear me?!" (vs Kim)
  • "The more I look at this guy, the more I think of me. Oh no! identity crisis!" (vs Vega)

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